Student Project Group & Skills Labs

To bring the potential of interdisciplinarity to life, students will embark in mixed teams on a so called Student Project Group (SPG); diagnosing, analysing, designing, implementing and evaluating (Intervention Cycle) a real life innovative case.

Project Description

During the SPGs you will work together with a ‘problem owner’ from a company, a non-governmental organisation or a public organisation. The Student Project Groups (SPGs) form the integrative focal point of the minor—these are mixed groups of 4-6 students coming from the three universities, tutored by academic coaches and their target stakeholder.

At the end of each quarter, there will be a plenary seminar where the groups will present their results to fellow students, coaches and the target stakeholder. The SPGs are formed during the first integration seminar, also known as the kick-off day of the minor. 

The different thematic modules elaborate on a variety of dilemmas one encounters when doing responsible innovation. Assignments in the thematic modules regularly align with work in the Student Project Groups.

Throughout the semester various Skill-Labs are organised (approx. 3 hours each)—in here students acquire the skills needed for doing the research and communicating results.

Skill-Labs in the first quarter:

  • How to Share your Research Online – 8th of September 2016
  • How to Write your Column – 12th of September 2016
  • How to Interview – 13th of September 2016
  • How to Observe – 19th of September 2016
  • How to Write your Report – 20th of September 2016
  • How to Work with Risk (Bow-Tie Method) – 26th of September 2016

Skill-Labs in the second quarter:

  • How to Visualise your Data – 21st of November
  • How to Record your Video – 29th of November
  • How to Conduct your Game – 8th of December

Sharing Research Platform: GingerResearch

The minor has it own sharing research platform in which you will publish your work. This platform facilitates collaboration and sharing work in progress. You will have a personal portfolio in which you will collect your research and the products for your different assessments. Results will be published here in a professional manner. External clients and future students will benefit from the work of the students of this year.