In depth lecture by Paul Fenwick about self driving vehicles (and other new technologies) and ethical issues to be taken into consideration

Paul Fenwick is an internationally acclaimed public speaker, developer, and science educator. In this talk he speaks about emerging and autonomous technologies and ethical considerations including self driving vehicles.

Technology is advancing at a faster rate than society's expectations, and many technologies go from the stuff of science-fiction to being consumer-available, with very little in the way of discussion in between. This is made worse because many decisions regarding emerging technologies are uncomfortable to have: when should an autonomous vehicle sacrifice itself and its owner to protect others? What happens when medical expert systems work on behalf of insurance agencies rather than patients? What happens when the world's weapon systems—including tens of thousands of combat drones—are able to make lethal decisions without human involvement?
Emerging and autonomous technologies have enormous potential for benefiting humanity, but we need to discuss the ethics and risks of them now—and in a public space—before widespread deployment occurs.