Awareness Creation

By doing this internship we created awareness of the effect of household air pollution amongst the students and the kenkey makers we worked with.

The cookstove project contributes to the development and business culture in the Eji- su-Juaben district in several ways. First of all, by designing and promoting the cook- stove it creates awareness amongst kenkey makers about Household Air Pollution (HAP). When the business will be expanded, more awareness will be created and the problem of HAP can eventually be solved in the entire region. This will contribute to the devel- opment of the Ejisu-Juaben district because the population will have more knowledge about health and cooking. Besides, their living standards will be improved; they will be less affected by HAP and will be able to cook faster and more efficiently. Time saved through an efficient cookstove will bring more freedom and opportunities to the ken- key makers. It can save time and money for lots of families in the Ejisu-Juaben district and have an impact on the local livelihood of kenkey makers, because time could be better spent on more income generation, education or other activities. That will also in- crease the chances of the children of kenkey makers, which is important for the future development of the region. Also, because the business runs at KITA, all students will be aware of the dangers of HAP. This will probably affect the way they live and cook in the future, which also contributes to development.