The time we have spent in Zambia is a memorable time for us. We are very pleased to have had the opportunity to actually visit a developing country for a longer time. In this way we could share our knowledge, learn a lot from them and we could work together for more development in the informal settlements. Due to the good guidance our mentor Iva Pesa in the Netherlands this project has become a success. Thank you for all the advice you gave us during the preparations for our stay in Zambia and during our internship. We are also very grateful for the opportunity and good care that PPHPZ has given us. In particular, we want to thank Eddy, Melanie and Memory for the care and the great times we had together, during and outside the working hours. Working in Zambia was way different but very interesting. We are happy that our project has been completed successfully and that we had the opportunity to contribute to the good work done by PPHPZ. During the project we have seen a lot and experienced a different cultural in it’s entirely. We learned a lot from this trip and the people in Zambia for which we are very grateful. These gave new insights for the rest of our lives. We want to thank everybody who made this incredible journey possible