Project: Other Relevant Information

Besides these two main projects we also did a lot of different things. In the first two weeks we visited different sites to learn about the different projects and the organisation. We got familiar with the organisation and its way of working.

It appeared that Thursday, November 19th was World Toilet Day. Due to the film course we attended in the Netherlands, they asked us to make a movie. This movie was about the ecological sanitation, shortened to Eco San toilet. The purpose of this short movie was to show the advantages of the Eco San toilet and to create awareness on hygiene. So far, PPHPZ constructed over a hundred Eco San toilet spread throughout the slums of Lusaka. The movie we made was shown on national television for several times.

They also asked us to do another little project. The enclosure of the office was going to be renovated. They wanted six poster on the enclosure which shows the core activities of PPHPZ. The subjects of the posters are saving groups, community led enumerations, contribution to the sustainable development goals, building by people for people and housing. The last poster was a poster with the logo and the contact details. So we designed the posters with a length of 2 meters and a height of 1.5 meters.

We also helped one day with a clean-up of an informal settlement. There is a big waste problem in informal settlements, the garbage is just thrown on the streets. This garbage becomes a source of bacteria and pathogens. Children play in this garbage and become sick. The aim of this clean-up was to show people the difference and to create awareness about this subject.

Another intern also asked our help with the designing of a billboard. This billboard was meant to advertise for ‘ten miles’. This is a site where a subsidiary of PPHPZ sells building materials and builds houses. They wanted a billboard along the way so people who are passing by are informed about the different services offered.

Because we won’t be able to see the actual building of the Multipurpose Centre we would like to leave something on the Chazanga plot, so people are informed about the plans and advertisement is made. We designed a billboard and placed this on the Chazanga plot.