We proudly present you the report of our project in Lusaka, Zambia. This project is part of the minor International Entrepreneurship and Development of the TU Delft. This report gives a clear summary of the work we have done during our 3 months internship. For this project we worked together with People’s Process on Housing and Poverty in Zambia (PPHPZ), a NGO situated in Lusaka, who supports the urban poor to fight poverty and homelessness. The collaboration with this organisation went well and we learned a lot from them. The organisation immediately felt like family to us and we also had a lot of enjoyable moments after working hours.

In the beginning we had to get used to the different way of working and we had to adjust our targets a little bit. However, we completed all the goals we had in mind. The results are described in this report. Most of the time we worked at the office of PPHPZ. Due to their long working hours every day, we could do a lot of work.

We delivered a complete design for a Multipurpose Centre in Chazanga, including a cost estimation and a recovery model. Next to this we designed an Eco Wash and built a prototype. This Eco Wash could be a solution for the major water shortage and the bad sanitation in Lusaka, which still causes many cases of illness. In addition, we also helped PPHPZ with some small projects, to increase their brand awareness.

Altogether it was an educational experience. We learned a lot from a totally different culture, in a new country. We also developed ourselves on a personal level.

Enjoy reading our project review!