Project continuation

Whether the Fortune Cooker project can be continued locally in Morocco is completely dependant of the acceptance of the Fortune Cooker by the target group. If it turns out the Fortune Cooker is suitable for this target group, a market implementation can be initiated. In this case, Morocco would serve as an example for other countries, where similar projects around the Fortune Cooker can be set up. Implementing the Fortune Cooker successfully in Morocco is a project on itself, as are the testing, adapting and implementing of the Fortune Cooker in other countries. 

One of the most important characteristics of a market implementation of the Fortune Cooker would be that eventually, it has to become a self-sustaining venture, without intervention from the Western world. Therefore, the product should be produced locally, preferably by producers trained and specialized in producing the Fortune Cooker. Resource obtainment and trade are also two activities that should be done locally. In addition, we believe the value-chain of the Fortune Cooker should be as short as possible for two reasons. First, we think that knowing the people who produce the product you want to buy would work very well in a ‘like knows like’ culture as the Moroccan culture. Second, we think it can encourage word-of-mouth-marketing. In the ideal situation, the goal would be to appoint a manager who can oversee the whole process, and specifically keep an eye whether the Fortune Cooker still answers to the user’s needs.