Research on market implementation

Once we have established that the Fortune Cooker is a product that people in the targeted area have a need for, we can start searching for possibilities to bring the product on the market. To start, we will map the customer journey(for an explanation of this method, see appendix 8). The customer journey gives insight in all the stages the customer goes through before buying a product, which generally correspond with the five phases Osterwalder describes in Business Model Generation (Osterwalder, 2010). By being aware of the our customer’s journey, we can adapt the Fortune Cooker’s availability to the customer’s buying process. An even more thorough understanding can also enable us to influence the buying process. Next to knowing the customer’s journey, it is important to know how we can produce the product locally, in order to keep the Fortune Cooker’s CO2-footprint as low as possible. Therefore, we will search for local producers, or search for possibilities to set up local workshops. By combining the customer journey and the local possibilities for production, resource obtainment and trade, we aim to find to best possibility for setting up an independent venture.