Update 6, February 14th 2016

The time the thee of us worked on the Fortune Cooker Project has passed and it is time to move on with studying in Delft. On Friday the 29th of January we gave a presentation on our results for all the people doing the minor International Entrepreneurship and Development, some teachers and a jury panel. Also, the results of our research are processed in a report. This report includes a List of Requirements, that will be a guide line for further designing the Fortune Cooker. It also includes a new Business Model Canvas that will give the next group insights on the way to implement the Fortune Cooker in the market in Morocco. About the next group; on Tuesday the 2nd of February, we attended a meeting of The Hague University where some of their students gave a presentation on their project, which was to design a product for a refugee camp. The products differed a lot from each other and there were also some products in the field of solar cooking! After that, we also presented our project in Morocco. In April, a group of students from The Hague University will continue the Fortune Cooker Project. We wish them the best of luck and joy!