The climate in l’Oriental

The climate is an important factor in the use and operation of the product. The area in which the product will be tested is ‘la région de l’Oriental’, situated in the North-East of Morocco. 

The test locations are located in small mountain villages near Berkane. The climate in the region l’Oriental and Berkane is a Semi Arid Climate (, 2015) . A Semi Arid Climate is characterized by limited erratic rainfall. The river Moulouya, is located in te region and provides water for agriculture. (Ibouhouten et al., 2010) The average temperature in the region l’Oriental is 18,2 °C and the average rainfall is 329 mm per year, of which July is the driest month. The temperatures are lowest in December and January, which could decrease to 6,6 °C during daytime. One of the most important aspects is the quantity of sun in Morocco. (, 2015) During november, december and january the sun will rise between 7 and 7:30 am and sunset occurd around 5 and 5:30 pm. (Time Genie, 2015). The climate at the testing area will be quite dry and sunny, though the temperatures are not very high compared to Central Afrika. The outside temperature affects the cooling time inside the Fortune Cooker and thus has a significant impact on testing results. The same applies to the hours of sunshine as the sun is essential to solar-energy. The short winter days challenges the use of the product without solar energy.