Update 5, December 28th 2015

Our second prototype is finished! Last week we re-designed the prototype, considering all the results from field research and technical tests. This resulted in the height of the Fortune Cooker being lowered, to receive more sunlight into the pan. Also, as an aspect of the user experience, we made this prototype with a cupboard door instead of a drawer. Now we can research how this difference is perceived. The plan was to let the prototype being built by a local woodworker. At the same time this would have been a research on whether it is possible to produce the Fortune Cooker locally. Unfortunately, we were unable to contact the woodworker shop in time, as our contact person Farida was ill and the feast day of the Moroccan new year caused the shop to be closed. Therefore we decided to build the new prototype ourselves. Luckily, this went a lot faster than the construction of the first prototype. This week we will be testing both prototypes with local women. We will also explore their fuel consumption, to know whether the Fortune Cooker can provide a financial benefit.