User test

The cookstove was also tested by users.

After the water boiling test, we gave the cookstove to the women who cook everyday
on KITA to use it. After a few days, we asked them some questions about our design of
the cookstove. We asked them about the efficiency, user friendliness, emitted smoke
and price. The women said it was much more efficient than the three stone fire they
were used to, they really liked to use our cookstove. Also, they mentioned there was
much less smoke compared to the three stone fire. They pointed out that they would
want to buy a cookstove with a price of 70 GHS and that they could afford that. The
only improvement that they suggested was about the stability of the pot. In the current
design apparently the pot does not very stable rest on the grid, it can wobble. Also,
because it wobbles a bit, some parts of the pot are more heated than others. This is
definitely something that should be improved.