Scope and goals of the project

During the weeks of preparation for the internship the scope of the project has been described and a list has been made of the project goals we wanted to achieve.

Scope and goals of the project

The main goals of the project are to improve the life standards, in terms of health, environment
and local livelihood, of three stone fire users for the making of Ga and Fante
kenkey, to create more awareness of the importance of clean cooking, and to make a
business model in order to bring the cookstove to market in the Ejisu-Juaben district
in Ghana.

To achieve these goals the project was divided in three main phases: the research
phase, the prototyping phase and the sales phase. The focus will mainly lie on the first
two phases and the sales phase will mostly exist of writing a business plan for KITA.

Research phase (week 1 and 2)
To prepare ourselves for the internship, a lot of design research had to be done in the
Netherlands. This contains information about several cookstove designs, possible materials
we could use, etcetera.
In Ghana we will visit the kenkey makers in order to investigate the needs and demands,
to make a process characterization and to make an assessment of the number
of kenkey makers in the district. Then we can make an educated guess of the size of the
target group. The process characterization was made last year as well, but we wanted
to make one for ourselves to get a good understanding of the customer, which could
possibly give us inspiration for the design.
If we need advice or more detailed information about the cookstove design, we can

look for cookstove experts in the Ejisu-Juaben District. They can help us with the construction
of the cookstove and give us feedback as well. 

- Design research.
- Investigation of needs and demands of kenkey makers.
- Process characterization of kenkey making.
- Educated guess of the size of the target group.

Prototyping phase (week 3-6)
The second phase concentrates on designing and constructing of the prototype. The
number of prototypes depends on the design. We can make several designs and prototype
more designs, if it is not clear which design is best. The prototypes will be tested
and if possible a new improved prototype will be made.

- Design
- Prototype(s)
- Building manual

Sales phase (week 9-11)
At the beginning of the internship there is no proper cookstove design that is ready to
produce and sell. This needs to be done first and that is why the sales phase will mostly
contain of research and the set up of a business strategy. This includes research on all
aspects of the Business Model Canvas. Furthermore a strategy can be written about
how to create awareness in the region. During this internship we will not bring the
cookstove to market, as last year’s prototype is not yet ready to be produced.

- Business Model Canvas
- Final version of building manual