The facilitators are all located near KITA in order to improve the sustainability and the local development.

The welder
The prototypes are both metal designs and therefore a metal welder was required to
construct them. He receives money for the labour. His store is located in Anwomaso,
which is very close to KITA. The welder speaks only Twi and a tiny bit of English, so again
it is necessary to visit him with the KITA students in order to give him the right instructions.
KITA can make an agreement with the welder about the cookstove production
and then the welder could become a part of the potential cookstove business of KITA.

Points of sale for cookstove materials
To construct the prototypes, materials are required. Therefore KITA uses several contacts
in order to get the cheapest materials that are available in the surroundings. KITA
has grid to use for the cookstove. Near KITA there is a point of sale for the barrels and
the paint. In Anwomaso the iron rod is available. The other materials are provided by
the welder.