The customer

The customers are kenkey makers in the Ejisu-Juaben district

Kenkey makers in the Ejisu-Juaben district

The customers are the Ga and Fante kenkey makers (mostly women) in the Ejisu-Juaben
district in Ghana. They cook kenkey all day long in order to sell small portions to
households in the region. Therefore they use traditional three stone fires and have to
deal with all the negative consequences for their health, the local livelihood and the
environment. More information about these problems can be found in the project plan
(Research impact areas). They are the target group of the project and could help with
testing prototypes and giving feedback. It is difficult to communicate with them, because
they speak only Twi, so the KITA students need to translate everything. The kenkey
makers could buy the cookstove from KITA and could receive help and education
about the cooking process. They will experience the most benefit from the project and
the cookstove will improve their living standards on the long and short term.