Implementation and Monitoring

To be able to fully implement the redesign incentives in Bouwlust, it is necessary to allow for an implementation plan as well as consider aspects or consequences of side-effects in the redesign. The following redesign points will be planned out and analyzed for potential side effects of implementation, with the aim being to sustain an adequate sense of safety and security in the neighborhood.


Point 1: Changing tile pavements to include Dutch wordings to express a patriotic atmosphere

This is a solid plan to help appease the individuals in the population (elderly as the majority) feeling a sense of decreased patriotism and feeling of the “Old Holland”. With all the international populations in recent times, there truly remains a changed mood and atmosphere in this neighborhood and creating these expressions can help many reminisce and be more willing to adapt for change. The writings must be thick and drawn effectively to stand out and be bold enough for even the elderly to recognize. There is also worry that carvings could weaken tiles or pavements, though if done properly can be avoided. There must be vigilance in the vicinity to make sure the writings are not played about or misconstrued, in order for the neighborhood to bring back the Old Dutch experience in the favorite areas like the shopping centers and malls.


Point 2: Change pavements to flat surface

This implementation is necessary to prevent any further injuries or other situations of insecurity in the neighborhood. The pavements are uneven and don’t allow for smooth use by elderly or woman pushing trolleys with infants. There must be even placement via measurements to get as close to perfection as possible. This will increase the joy inhabitants (especially the Dutch) get from walking in the marts and centers, and could lead to overall heightened sense of satisfaction in Bouwlust. A main issue could be the time taken to recreate the pavements, and could be a nuisance in terms of noise and prohibitions when implemented. The diverse inhabitants might find it further uncomfortable for them in this neighborhood, though could be aware of the benefits if patience is exercised.


Point 3: Adjust bike racks

The poorly placed bike racks prevent proper storage of the bikes and make the area look disorganized and doesn’t help for maintaining a safe, happy neighborhood. By placing them upright and available, it can help clean up the mess and encourage more visitors in neighborhood.