Column 1/7: Ridiculous DELAY (NEEDS Innovation)

A chance to get amused, surprised and be carried away from a safe distance, by the opportunities and challenges that take place at the Responsible Innovation minor.
Driven by the motto of the Faculty of Social Sciences; 'Discover people. Discover society!' an Erasmus Student is trying not to get lost in the new world of Technology, Policy and Management.

Delft — During the first ProjectGroup a conflict of unshared common values occurred. Apparently when it comes to young children and education, there is no need for RI. The fact that 200.000 children are at risk, isn't just that WILD (card worthy)enough. I must say, that I understand  the coach’s personal hunger for process(ing)plants and generating much more food.  Also, I totally rely on her responsible managing skills. What was I thinking? Helping kids and innovate just isn't valued enough. Put all our efforts in Urban Farming 2.0, instead of childcare and education, is the best ethical outcome. With all the supermarkets running out of veggies and the greenhouses turning blue now a days, the need for Urban farmers grows every minute. This is definitely a possibility for us to prevent future generations will go (Urban) bananas. Why care about kids if we can innovate Urban Farming.


Off track                   During an interactive presentation, we were introduced  to some key-concepts of RI. Ethical cases cause a million of questions and even more possible answers. When innovation takes place, change will occur. Who can kept accountable being the cause and thus, be responsible for following effect?  Who is really to blame in this causal chain? To remain on track with the Trolley case, consider the following; ‘Can a person be kept accountable, for consciously and willingly interrupt or prevent RI initiatives to take place? Such as the example of children that will go bananas, without Urban Farming instead of Education. Damn it feels unethical to be put on hold by your Professor and get off track. 


(A) R (rrghhhh) I       With new knowledge about cause and effect, it’s time for real solutions for the Millennium Project. World saving goals, building your own Pyramid and a 15 minute break, facilitates only 2 innovative ideas in the entire class. We were challenged to be creative, Think Out Of The Box, Be Inspiring and of course always stay responsible. To be more specific; How Dutch citizens, individual- or collectively, can help refugees of Syrian Crisis. My group  did chit-chat a lot, about ‘nothing’ solving topics. When I realized that the Syrian families would also become a victim of the strange need to solve problems with farms. I felt responsible so I totally freaked out. 


Re-fugitive                   I was screaming; “What are you guys thinking??”  “Are you serious?” “You actually think that offering this heavy traumatized Syrians a Job in ‘Het Westland’ will bring any good?” The group already made plans for contacting the ‘Millennium Project’ to share the news; Innovate by allowing Slavery again. Transport the Syrian to the Greenhouses, where they will work and participate in society. I couldn’t take it any more and tried to put an end on this now! 


Ridiculous Innovation.  I  stepped up and finally I had the attention needed: “This group should definitely collaborate with my other projectgroup and combine the two RI cases to one big project. Then you can fix the problem of the Syrian Refugees and at the same time be responsible for the innovation of farming in the city. Invent Urban Refugee Farms. We only have to rebuild the greenhouses in the city. Transport the refugees from Apeldoorn to their new homes. In this way Syrians can live and process food at the same time. How responsible! A combination of 2 innovative wrongs can make a right!