Robots are taking over the world

Some things what the creators of the movie ‘Back to the Future 2’ from 1989 thought would happen in the year 2015, actually happened. Also the drones, which are flying robots, exists. Unfortunately, drones are a danger for air traffic, because the onboard radar of the airplane can’t see it. They also can be used in wars. Because the development of these kind of robots went so fast, the rules for producing and use where not sharp yet, which is the cause of these dangerous drones (Askthepilot, 2015). If we already must deal with the consequences of these kind of robots, what will happen in 25 years by now? The things moviemakers and also ourselves are imagining what will be there in 25 years, will be partly true, just as they were 25 years ago. I think robots will be the same as human beings by then. Or maybe we are living in a dictated world with the power in hands of the robots.

The scientist Stephen Hawkin (Voets, 2015) says: ‘Computers in the coming 100 years will be more intelligent than humans because of artificial intelligence. When this happens, they must have the same goals aligned as humanity.’ This is a scary thought, do I want robots to be smarter than I am? And now I’m also thinking about things as hacking. The system must be inscrutable to prevent hacking. But if robots are smarter than human, than it is not possible to create a system by human which is inscrutable, since robots will decrypt every code. I think it will be easier for terrorists to get power by creating an army of robots. Because it is clear that also people within the terrorists group will know a lot about creating robots, they can create ‘mean’ robots with bad intentions. And these robots are smarter than we are, so the robots itself could create other robots. A robot invasion 10om14robot2.jpg will happen.

We must take a step back in this kind of technology, artificial intelligence. It is not fair for innocent people to push robots throughtheir throat, while they don’t want it. It seems the scientists who are developing the artificial intelligence are moral responsible for the consequences the robots will have. And the governments who must set clear rules, are collective responsible toward mankind, so also they must prevent awful consequences of robots. Because it is clear. When we’re developing robots as fast as we do now; robots will definitely taking over the world.


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