Niklas Zeller

I was born in Bonn, Germany and my father is German and my mother from the United States making me a dual citizen. However, as I did not spend much time in either country, I have difficulties ascribing myself to either culture and thus, if forced to, would identify myself as Western.

I studied some Material Science in Zurich as well as Biomedical Engineering in Minneapolis before starting a Bachelor at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. I am currently enrolled in the third year of International Business and Business Economics (IBEB) at the Erasmus School of Economics.

I was primarily interested in the minor Responsible Innovation, as I felt it would tie what I have learned about economics in the last two years, to the science and engineering I learned beforehand and would help me to gain insight into how both have a large part to play in future developments within society.

My hobbies include movies, music, graphic design, history, photography, snowboarding and swimming. I also enjoy learning and practicing new languages as I feel it allows me to travel more freely and connect with more people when I do. I speak both English and German fluently, followed by French, Spanish and Dutch to a lesser degree. I aim to be able to speak six languages by 2020, though progress is slow due to lack of time and opportunities. The sixth language will most likely be Russian and I've managed to learn a few words and the Cyrillic alphabet, though I still have yet to form a basic sentence.