Margarida Alfeirao

I was born in Lisbon in 1994. I moved to a little village, Vila Nova de Milfontes, in the seaside of Portugal at the age of 7 and went back to Lisbon when I turned 17.

Both this urban and rural references in my life made me aware of technology's impact on today's society. Not only time and space are perceived differently but the way people relate to each other has drastically changed, depending on connections.

Intringued by the leading causes and consequences of contemporary's technological society, my BA in Communication Studies stressed the transversal influences of such evolving issues and difficulties in tracing them.

My current experience in Holland proves me so. Working in two different communication slopes has shown me that technology's presence is undeniable but its employment changes consonant users and goals.

Following the advances on perceiving technology as an extension of reality.

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