Supervised by: Wim Ravesteijn

Morocco: Fortune Cooker to Market

Fortune Cooker

The aim of this project is to make the first steps towards an environmentally clean way of cooking, by adapting and optimizing the Fortune Cooker to the needs of its future users.

The Fortune Cooker is a non-fuel solar cooking device developed to reduce disease from wood burning resulting in over 4million deaths per year, deforestation and CO2 emission. The Fortune Cooker concept is developed by Maarten Romijn over the last ten years without commercial interest. Maarten is willing to share his extensive research and experience for this research. 

The development of the Fortune Cooker is still in an early phase. Several prototypes have been made to optimize the technical functionality, leading to a nearly finished end product. It is now time to adapt the Fortune Cooker to its aspired users.

Taking a look at the aim of this product, we see that the Fortune Cooker is specifically developed to reduce cooking on wood. Ultimately this is where the product's target group can be found: people cooking on wood. The rural areas of Morocco harbor these people and they are therefore a good starting point for this project. Morrocan farmers will be the first people this product will be tested on.

This project has a clear division in present activities and future activities. Present activities solely focus on testing and iterating in order to make this promising product into something with a reason of existence. Something the aspired users want to use. This is the first step. In the future, the main customers, their wishes and the ways to reach them should be identified.


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