Supervised by: Esther Blom

Kenya: Bikeventures Tours, Rentals and Safaris business model development, CooP-Africa (Cycling out of Poverty)/Bikeventures, Kisumu Kenya

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In 2015 Bikeventures is being rebranded as a social venture under the wings of CooP-Kenya. CooP-Kenya is a full affiliate of CooP-Africa in the Netherlands supporting students, health care workers and entrepreneurs to improve access to education, health care and income generation by providing bicycles. The ambition is that Bikeventures will grow and generate (more) income to support CooP-Kenya in her operations and offers youths and their family an extra way of income and more stability in their lives. 

In 2011 CooP-Africa supported a group of youths in Kisumu in setting up a sustainable and profitable business in the tourism industry: Bikeventures Tours, Rentals and Safaris. Their focus was to promote the envisioned all-new Western Tourist circuit in Kenya. Spearheaded by the Kenyan Ministry of Tourism and Information, working with the Kenya Tourist Board, the West of Kenya is being put in the spotlight. The West of Kenya is an area of great geographic, cultural and natural diversity, but largely unexplored by tourists. 



To enable Bikeventures to grow and develop, CooP-Africa is interested in students who can support Bikeventures in conceptualisation and professionalisation. The goal is to have a strong foundation and recognition in the tourism branch with a strong personality and a beautiful, innovative and interesting product mix. Tasks to be performed: 

- Guiding and assisting in official registration/recognition in tourism industry 

- Implement branding at all levels of operation (communication, uniforms, design bicycles, etc.) 

- Joint development of (bicycle) tours and concepts in cooperation with Kenya Wildlife Clubs, cultural and environmental sites/reserves, lodges, etc. Upon which Bikeventures has at least 10 (bicycle) tours which could be combined into multiple-day tours.

- Joint development of innovative African tourism e.g. tours with (new to develop) apps/QR codes, information pillars, cycle junction network, etc 

- Acquisition and promotion of Bikeventures with (international) tour operators (Netherlands), lodges and private (game) reserves 

- Promote Bikeventures and create awareness in and around Kisumu using various marketing techniques, like social networks, monthly events, branding, etc 

- Develop a 3 year business plan including a financial plan 

Depending on the qualities of the students that apply for this assignment, the different tasks within the assignment could be made more technical, organisational or design-oriented so the assignment is open to students from all faculties within the TUDelft. A passion for bicycles, the willingness to really collaborate with locals and a real hands-on are a must! 

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