Successful companies innovate and innovation can bring a lot of good to society, but it may have unintended implications that are detrimental. The challenge is to innovate in a responsible way—beneficial both to business and society. In this case many stakeholders and many aspects have to be addressed and so an interdisciplinary approach is needed.

In this minor we combine the unique knowledge and skills of the three universities—Leiden, Delft and Rotterdam. Each university contributes its own specific focus and expertise on Responsible Innovation. The students and teachers come from the different universities, and bring with them specific knowledge and perspectives from their own universities.

In brief, the joint minor is structured in two quarters (Q1 and Q2). Each quarter has a workload of 15 ECTS. It is expected that Leiden and Delft students join both quarters (30 ECTS); and Erasmus students are expected to join only for Q1 (15 ECTS). In each quarter, students follow 3 thematic modules and work on their assigned SPG innovation question.

The minor takes place in the first and second quarter of the study year 2016-2017.  On Mondays students work at TU Delft, on Tuesdays students work in Erasmus University and on Thursdays students are in Leiden University. Wednesdays and Fridays are devoted for the Student Project Groups—students prepare for assignments and do the research in their own groups.