As this report described the first time the Fortune Cooker Project has been carried out, as well as the first time the product has been introduced to its aspired customers, this project has not yet been able to significantly contribute to development in the area of research. Although there have not been concrete results, such as the implementation of the product to the market, that would implicate a contribution to development, the research done in this project provides a firm basis for its continuation. The results of this research, specified in the conclusions, a Program of Requirements and Wishes and a Business Model Canvas, will enable next steps in the program of the Fortune Cooker to indeed make a contribution to development by combatting deforestation and CO2 emission, as well as by providing employment and knowledge when the Fortune Cooker will be brought to market.

While the program of the Fortune Cooker remains to be led by its designer Jan Kluiver, the next step of the Fortune Cooker Project will be carried out by students of the Haagse Hogeschool. Their project period will start in April 2016. In the first week of February we will attend a meeting of the Haagse Hogeschool and give a presentation in order to succesfully pass on the project.
We wish the next students the best of luck with this project and are open for questions or advice.