Our own findings, prototype 1

In this chapter our own experiences using prototype 1 of the Fortune Cooker are described. From these findings, a number of requirements and wishes are derived.

Experience   Requirement or wish 
The gas cannot be easily turned on by pushing the button, as the gas burner slides to much in the box.   The heat source is stable and unmoveable when in use.
The Fortune Cooker cannot be easily lifted on your own, in terms of weight.   The weight of the product must ensure its stability.
  The weight of the product is as small as possible.
At this moment the Fortune Cooker has many sharp edges because of the press plates that are not attached close enough  to the frame.    The product does not contain sharp edges.
On the inside the material is easy to clean.   The product is easy to clean.
The cracks, on the other hand, are hard to clean.   The product is easy to clean.
When replacing the broken glass, it was no problem to unscrew a part of the product, but tearing the staples was hard and also left the pressure plates damaged.   Dismantling of the product can be done without damaging any parts.
  The product is easy to repair.
The mirror can only be fixed in the right position on your own, when you already know in advance which pair of triangles to use for the best angle.    The mirror can be adjusted in the right position by one person. 
Otherwise, the mirror has to rest on something while choosing the right pair of triangles.   When the mirror is not used, it should be stored safely.
The upper glass plate is hard to remove to clean it.   The product is easy to clean.
The flame goes out, when the gas has no oxygen supply. Therefore the door has to be open while the gas is on, otherwise a gas bomb is formed.   The product cannot built up a gas supply within the box, when gas is used as a heat source.
You can burn yourself on the door, while reaching for the pan, as the inside of the door gets hot.   The user cannot get burned while touching the product during cooking.
The use of the door makes actions such as opening the pan to stir more difficult.   Food or beverages can be removed from the inside of the product easily