About the spot check
In total we interviewed 17 people. We tried to keep these surveyed people as random as possible by asking different kind of persons. We interviewed young man and woman, families with children, mothers with children and older people. We also tried to make the group as diverse as possible by asking people who were doing different things. The people were building, selling products, traveling, cleaning or just relaxing.

About the movie
Two times we went in the field for filming. The first time we filmed a normally used pit latrine and an Eco San toilet. We also interviewed several people about the advantaged of the Eco San toilet and why they switched from a pit latrine to an Eco San toilet. When we showed the first draft of the movie it turned out that some shots were not good enough. The pit latrine we filmed was too descent and it turned out that the people we interviewed where mostly men. Because PPHPZ focusses on woman, they found it important that woman were interviewed for the movie. Due to this and the agreements with the television station the movie was broadcast on Wednesday, November 25th.