...for the prototype
During the project, we will retrieve the majority of the necessary materials from local suppliers. On top of that, we will strive to mainly use recycled materials. Searching for suppliers may take some time, plus there is a chance that new prototypes require new materials. Therefore, searching and buying materials will probably prolong during the complete testing phase.

...for the product
As can be read in ‘Project continuation’, we have the aspiration to have the end product produced locally, with local materials. Contrary to finding materials for prototypes, the suppliers of materials for the final product should be able to deliver the materials for longer period of time, which makes the task somewhat more complicated. Also, the demands on the materials to be chosen for the end product are higher.
After all, we are talking about a product that should be used for several years at least. Once the first viable prototype has been developed, we can start searching of reliable materials and suppliers.