Moroccan food culture

Considering the outcomes of the interviews done by Noor van der Vorst (2015), there is several useful information for our project. Firstly, it appears that women find it a big effort to collect wood and/or gas bottles and also the drying of the wood in wet periods is considered a problem. The wood gathering takes a lot of time, time that could be spend on other things when having to use little to no wood for cooking.
This is a problem we can respond to quite well with the Fortune Cooker. Another aspect of the cooking ritual we can respond to is the amount of cooking time. When using gas, the cooking time is quite short, but when cooking on wood
fire, the cooking process can take up to three hours. This process will be much shorter using the Fortune Cooker. An aspect we should consider is their day rhythm, as this is much different from ours, so we should adapt our rhythm to
theirs to get an understanding of how an average day looks like from the perspective of a Moroccan woman.