Portrait of the organization we work for

The Fortune Cooker project originated at Engineers Without Borders. Maarten Romijn designed the first concept of the Fortune Cooker, a device which uses solar energy exclusively. Jan Kluiver, another engineer from EWB took over the development of this product. Which resulted in the prototype, that uses both solar-energy and fuel, we will be testing in Morocco.

EWB is an international federation of national EWB Member Associations all over the world. They all share the mission to partner with disadvantaged communities to enhance their quality of life through education and implementation of sustainable engineering projects while promoting global experience for engineers, engineering students, and similarly motivated non-engineers. (Who we are, 2015) 

The Dutch Member Association of EWB, EWB-NL, was founded as a division of the Royal Dutch Engineering Society titled KIVI. KIVI offers members the opportunity to work together, to exchange knowledge and to establish themselves. (Over KIVI, 2015) EWB-NL as a division focuses on the contribution of engineers in development countries. Their specific mission is: Improving well-being with technology. (About EWB-NL, 2015)

They also strive to promote expertise of engineers and technical students in the form of lectures, workshops and projects. (Beek, van, M., 2007)

This is where Jan Kluiver comes into play. He volunteers at EWB-NL and meets their mission perfectly by mentoring us towards the Fortune Cooker project in Morocco. He is very focused on the technical aspects of the products and we can provide the link between technology and user. Thereby is he very passionate about clean cooking and would he be prepared to start a company around the Fortune Cooker if it appears to be a success.