Update 4, December 18th 20115

The last couple of days we went to Aïn Sfa, a village in the mountains of Bni Snassen, to carry out field research. We observed the cooking habits of a Moroccan woman an gathered information on why she does things in a particular way. For example, how does she know when the meat or vegetables are ready? Does she experiment with new recipes or are all the recipes traditional? Why does she use a pressure pan and has she always used one? The main goals of this research were to investigate the capability of adaptation, the knowledge of the woman of the cooking process and how feedback during the cooking process is received. Also, we tested the Fortune Cooker, by giving a demonstration and letting her participate in doing all the actions. Together with this, we asked her opinion on the different aspects of the Fortune Cooker. With all this information, we can define in which case she will not use the Fortune Cooker and which adaptations are needed to ensure she will. In short, the visit gave us a lot more insights and ideas on how the Fortune Cooker can be beneficial for the Moroccan woman. In the next days, we will turn this information into a new design for a prototype.