Update 3, December 19th 2015

It took some time, but the first prototype is ready! Since the Fortune Cooker had never been built completely, we started with cracking our brains over the best way to conduct it. Therefore we have defined multiple options. Does there have to be a drawer or a cupboard door? And then, do there have to be one or two drawers? How does the mirror have to be fastened? How do we make a double-glazed surface? These are all options that we assessed on ease of use on the one hand and on the other hand on its feasibility, considering our limited resources. With building the prototype, we ran into some obstacles. First of all, the jigsaw was not completely straight. Thus, the assemblage of two perpendicular wooden planks was complicated. Likewise, cutting glass seemed to be more difficult than we thought, not only an extra trip to the glass store was needed, but also the ability to make quick adjustments by ourselves had hereby expired. As a result of all this, we did think out the product and its assemblage several times. Also the reflective plates we used for covering the inside and outside of the box were thicker than the ones we used back in Holland. Therefore they would not remain fixed by using staples. Eventually we fixed them with nails. In short, these were all obstacles, for which we found a suitable solution within our possibilities. At first, we made the frame of the box, together with the insulation panels and the glass. De mirror and drawer were aspects that had yet to be thought of.

After this, we experienced what it is like to have a food poisoning. Well, this was not fun at all. Unfortunately this lead to a bit of a delay, but after we got better, we worked hard on the mirror and the drawer to finish the first prototype. And it succeeded! See the picture.

Now we can start testing!