Update 2, November 24th 2015

Time flies, the second week is already over. It was a useful week in which we were able to do a lot of things. Firstly, we made some adjustments in the planning and our test plan, to make it more realisable. The main focus in this will be the user. Why do people either want or do not want to use the Fortune Cooker?
Secondly, we spend three days collecting all the necessary materials and tools. This went as follows: For all the wood, we went to a local wood shop in Saïdia, that has wood boards in different sizes and thicknesses in stock.
A few blocks away, these were cut into the right sizes. Collecting the glass plates and mirrors proceeded in a comparable manner. Smaller parts, such as screws, nails and hinges can be bought at the weekly second-hand market or in the local DIY shop in Saïdia. To buy the more complex materials and tools, we travelled to the Bricoma, a warehouse for building necessities, near Oujda. Here we bought for example a jigsaw, a drill, drawer rails and steel scissors. During these days we explored options on recycling materials as well. As a result, we are going to experiment with egg cartons to insulate the box. These are available in almost every little super market in town.
Now we have all the materials and tools, we can start with building the first prototype!
Additionally, we had two interesting meetings with important people in the region. Firstly with Mohammed Sayem, from ‘Stichting Remigranten Berkane’. This foundation provides legal advice to returnees from the Netherlands. Here we also met a Dutch intern of our age. As they speak Dutch, they can more easily help us with practical information or making contacts. Finally we met Sali Demnati, the minister of environment of the region l‘Oriental. She takes all the environmental projects carried out in the region into consideration. She was very interested in our project, as it is the first project to make use of the sun for warmth instead of electricity. Also, up to now, there has not been a project within the domain of cooking. Via her we can possibly visit other projects in the region on for example solar energy or agriculture.
In conclusion, a busy, but useful week!