PWL: Design Directions for products made out of plastic waste

In this section, based on information gained through a market research, meaningful design directions for products made out of plastic waste are given for a product of plastic waste on the Peruvian market.

Based on information gained through a market research, meaningful design directions for products made out of plastic waste are given for a product of plastic waste on the Peruvian market. These design directions could be used during designing a product of plastic waste. 


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The Peruvians appreciate and admire their different climates and nature, it is something they are proud of. To be able to enjoy and experience this beautiful nature now and in the future, it is important to keep it clean (without plastic waste). Also every piece of plastic that is created keeps existing, so in order to not lose it all in the ocean, plastic needs to be recycled and less plastic needs to be used.


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Right now in 2015 people know about the plastic pollution problem, but they are not aware of the consequences of the problem. The knowledge does not motivate them enough to actively participate in the solution. Contributing seems difficult and costs time. Nowadays there are more possibilities to contribute to sustainability. Examples of this development are the presence of separated waste bins in some areas, beach clean ups organised by different companies and products made out of recycled materials are being sold. Furthermore the earlier mentioned upcoming law facilitates opportunities for environmental organisations to formalise themselves. All these examples add to the transition of knowledge into awareness and active participation on the problem.


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It is in the nature of most people to have an urge to distinguish oneself. In Peru we see a couple of examples like the counter movement of the youth, rebelling against the Peruvian culture. Another example is the traditional clothing. Wearing traditional Peruvian clothing is often related to being poor. This combined with the changing trends and beauty image makes wealthy people not wear the traditional clothes. To distinguish oneself the target group buys designer and innovative products. Showing a different interest than the mainstream people and show your values through the products you have.


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For Peruvians the value Family is very important. Currently and probably in the future the target group has a busy schedule of work and other activities. This means they have less time or not a lot of time to spend with their family. The time they have is important to enjoy.


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Another value, outcome of the observational research, is food. Interesting in Peru is the lunch culture. The people consume the main meal of the day in the afternoon. A lot of people go to restaurants to eat. To enjoy the meal also the ambience and surrounding is important.


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At the moment we live in a sharing society. A lot of people use social media to share photo’s, ideas and thoughts. Another example of the sharing society is shared dining and shared work spaces.


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Packaging is found important by the target group. This means that paying attention on packaging is needed. What is also highly valued are products that provide the possibility to take your belongings with you. It would be good not to carry things in single use products, such as plastic bags.