TU Delft

TU Delft provides supervisors and the participating students from the Netherlands are from TU Delft.

Delft University of Technology collaborates with KITA on sustainable entrepreneurship.
In the context of the Minor International Entrepreneurship and Development the
university makes an exchange to KITA possible for five of their students. Due to this
partnership TU Delft can offer students a unique experience to put their knowledge
and skills into practice. While doing that TU Delft gains a better status by supporting a
sustainable, foreign project and TU Delft shows that the university cares about international,
sustainable development. During the months of preparation and during the internship
supervisors of TU Delft will follow their own students and grade their deliverables
and progress. The supervisors are also available for questions and advice if there
are any difficulties. TU Delft is also important for the knowledge transfer between the
students of the internships and therefore the Ginger website (tudelft.gingerresearch.
net) is a useful medium.

Students of TU Delft
The TU Delft students participate in this project for their Minor International Entrepreneurship
and Development. During the internship they will collaborate with the
KITA students in order to develop a clean cookstove. The TU Delft students have more
technical knowledge and they have learned a lot about managing a project during the
preparation of the internship. However, they do not have a lot of agricultural knowledge
and they are not familiar with the Ghanaian culture or language. They could gain agricultural
knowledge and cultural knowledge from the KITA students. They also depend
on the KITA students for contact with other stakeholders who do not speak English and
the KITA students need to buy all the materials as well, because then the prices are
lower. For their work the students gain credit (15 ECTS for the preparation and 15 ECTS
for the internship) and it is part of their educational program.