This report could not have come to this stage without the help of several people. Therefore, we would like to thank those people in advance.

We would like to express our deepest appreciation to all those who provided us the possibility to complete this report. We think that without all those people, this report would have not been where it stands today. A special gratitude we give to our supervisor from the Delft University of Technology, Esther Blom, whose contribution in stimulating suggestions, encouragement and passion about Ghana, helped us to coordinate our project especially in writing this report.

We would also like to acknowledge with much appreciation to prof. dr. Nick van de Giesen, Frank Ohene Annor and Ellen van Andel for sharing all their wisdom about the TAHMO initiative and cocoa industry with us during the course of this research.

Furthermore, we would also like to show our gratitude to the crucial role of the staff of Farmerline, who provided the facilities to work on this report. A special thanks goes to our supervisor in Ghana, Worlali Senyo, who guided us through Ghana from the very first moment we arrived at the airport in Accra.

In addition, we express our warm thanks to our host family where we have stayed for almost three months. Especially, our host father, Ernest Osei-Tutu, and our host mother, Rose Mary Osei-Tutu, who gave us all we needed, including: excellent food, comfortable beds and a continuous access to running water and electricity, which is not that common in Ghana.

Ofcourse we could not forget Ray Kutsoati, a Ghanaian man living in Rotterdam who is a friend of Selcuk’s father. We met him in Accra and spended a nice couple of days with him. Afterwards he introduced us to his cousin James Kutsoati from Cocobod. Thank you man and we will see you soon.

Last but not least, many thanks go to Patrick Sakyi, who has invested his full effort in showing us the culture of young Ghanaians and escorted us to several activities in our leisure time. The salsa dancing classes on Friday evenings were by far one of the best ways to get to know new people in our first weeks.

It is our honour to thank everybody that contributed to make this report a success, not only our report but also our stay in Ghana in every perspective.