BIG: Mission & Vision

By offering suitable education and making new farming techniques accessible, our
mission is to enabling (potential) smallholder farmers to gain entrepreneurial skills and
knowledge to become more resilient.

In order to contribute to the development of Siaya County’s agriculture sector, we want
to promote greenhouse farming technology. Greenhouse farming has many advantages
compared open field farming. It increases the productivity and the quality of the
products and reduces the risk of harvest failure. By introducing this new technology
in combination with knowledge diffusion, we want to mix new and traditional values
in order to reduce the poverty, increase the entrepreneurial spirit and increase the
knowledge, capacities and skills. This will eventually lead to an improvement of the
living standards of the people of Siaya County.

To achieve our mission, we formulated five goals in line with our vision:
1. Develop a course on greenhouse farming
2. Construct a demonstration greenhouse and rainwater harvesting system
3. Write a Business Model for a greenhouse lease program
4. Raise awareness on the advantages of farming
5. Develop a long-term plan