(Re)Design after iteration

n. In this chapter the problems will be described and solutions will be implemented in a second design. This design will be a begin of the second intervention cycle.

18 people think the shopping mall is a happy place, which makes this the happiest place in Bouwlust (see research outcome, appendix 1). Here they can meet people which spreads their social contacts and all the stores are close to each other which makes it easy to buy everything you need. Although, the mall can be improved. The problems in the mall are enumerated by the amount of complains:

  1. There are people who do not like that other people in the mall and staff in stores, do not speak Dutch. In the research 7 people complained about this, which makes this the most unhappy thing in Bouwlust. It will be difficult for us to change this in a design. Only the municipality and government can set effective regulations for people to integrate or to give them a language course. However, because this is the biggest problem, we can use this knowledge in our redesign;
  2. Old people have problems with the pavement which is not a flat surface because the tiling differs in height. In our research 2 people mentioned this. One of them broke her arm, because she fell over the uneven pavement. The pavement must be changed in one flat surface;
  3. There are people who think the shopping mall looks messy, also because of the back racks which are all placed randomly (picture 1). This problem can be solved easily, to just place them straight.

The mall itself will be changed with aspects of all 3 problems. Point 1 is difficult, since we cannot have a lot of influence on the people itself, but we can use the extrinsic motivation by changing the environment in a way which can help people to integrate. The pavement tiles can be printed with Dutch sayings and Dutch words. This way we will bring ‘Holland’ back in the mall. Dutch people will feel more home and foreign people will learn a bit more Dutch which might stimulate them to learn even more Dutch.  The pavement will be changed in a flat surface and the bike racks will be placed straight and structured (figure 1). Picture 2  shows the part of the shopping mall in front of the Albert Heijn how it is now, picture 3 shows how it will look with implementing the redesign.