Problem Defenition

The problem in the neighborhood is the increased feeling of unsafety. From the BART rapport of Caroline Nevejan it is made clear that people are not willing to actively participate to make the neighborhood safer. With these facts the following problem definition is stated: “how can security in the Neighborhood be increased without the active participation of inhabitants?”.

To get a good picture of the neighborhood a visualization of the factors impacting the problem definition.

Ethnicity diversion

As seen in the graphs below, there is a huge ethnicity diversion in Bouwlust. One third of the population in Bouwlust is native Dutch. Over 66 percent is non-native Dutch, where the Turks are the biggest ethnicity group. The second biggest ethnicity group are the Moroccans and third the remaining non-westerner foreigners. With this huge diversity of ethnicities comes the diversity in culture. Every group has another approach on daily activities. This diversity in culture creates often clashes between the different ethnicity groups.

Civil engineering

Also a big part of this research paper is the architecture of Bouwlust. Recent studies show that defining spaces is very important. As seen below in the graph a lot of houses are built in the period from 1945 till 1970. After the second world war the rebuilding of the country was the main focus. Cheap houses were mass produced where the design criteria were not fully researched. It is now clear that a lot of those design criteria affect the security in the neighborhood in a bad way. Although quite a lot of houses were built in the late 1990’s and beginning of the year 2000, it still can’t compensate the bad security influences of the older houses.

Age diversity and sex

In this research the focus is on the  people of the age 30 till 64. This is the biggest part of the population in Bouwlust and also the unemployment rates are the highest for this population. By formulating their needs, we can create a better image why the unemployment is that high and how it impacts the safety in the neighborhood.

Goals and success criteria

Now that important factors which impact security in Bouwlust are clear, the goals and criteria can be defined.