Security or Privacy?

Each country has its own laws and regulates itself how about the law for the internet? The internet is a borderless interface which connects to the world. What if there is an international crime in several countries? How can they judge this crime? Let me ask you this question. Do you actually know the role of cyber security? Maybe you would answer in order to protect from cyber terrorism. What is cyber terrorism exactly then? Some people might be able to answer some not. Let me explain it to you shortly. Basically it is an internet terrorism which includes disrupting or stealing personal data from computers by sending viruses or installing software.

Do you know that Islamic State currently started cyber-attack through twitter? IS is trying to promote # AmericaUnderHacks in order to create panic and fear among in the U.S. IS emphasized that they celebrate 9.11 attacks in 2001. Since then the U.S. is asking private companies to sweep data mining in order to prevent from cyber-attack.

Recently cyber-crime have occurred more in Europe rather than in the U.S. For example, in 2014 December hackers had executed a huge attack that triggered enormous damage on Germany. This became the first successful cyber-crime on governmental system. In 2015 January, nearly twenty thousands of websites were temporarily disabled including Defense Ministry. In 2015 May, German government confessed that twenty thousand of computers from politicians have been infected by malware virus which steals data. All those crimes happened because of movement of IS. A cyber-attack just keeps growing rapidly in Europe. Because of those incidents EU is now focusing more on security rather than individual privacy. On the contrary, the U.S government is postponing the law regulation regarding cyber security. It seems like that they do not want to deal with it. In order to have extreme security you need to give up privacy from terrorism.

I believe security is more important than privacy because I do not want to get stolen my information by terrorist. I actually prefer to give my information to the government and be safe. On the other side maybe it is safer to protect privacy rather than collecting all information into one place such as governmental institution or big internet companies such as Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Youtube and etc. This is because if you keep everything into one place it is easy to break in if there is no sufficient security. The ideal solution is to balance between security and privacy.